Photographer: Hannah Hedi

Still photographer
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- Portraits
- Coorporate
- Art & fashion
About Yohanna


"impression of
your company"

The overall impression of your company makes the difference of how others perceive your company and if they trust in your brand. Make sure your company breathes professionalism and that your company website represents you and your team in a way which attracts clients and provides them with a true sense of who you are and who your employees are. Current, Well taken portraits of your staff breathe professialism and sells your company even before you meet your clients in real life.

Idha production offer company portraits, product images and event pictures. As an experienced wedding photographer Idha production is used to big events and you can rest assured your investment in great images will pay off in your branding, interviews and your markering overall.




Idha Production works with the Swedish company ACQUO of Sweden as a photographer. Yohanna will also in the future work with ACQUO of Sweden in other areas since the cooperaton has worked out very well.

ACQUO of Sweden is a Swedish incorporated company that produce and sell luxury, truly unique, handmade, vegan black rubber boots. The company has customers worldwide and sell their boots online at

"I am very pleased working together with Yohanna at Idha Production.
Yohanna is an extremely skilled photographer with an artistic eye and a
lovely personality. I look forward to our future work together."

Jessica Lingonstierna
ACQUO of Sweden

Model: Jessica Lingonstierna, CEO ACQUO of Sweden AB
Photographer: Yohanna Idha


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