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About Yohanna


In an old stable from the 1600’s you find Idha Productions. A company built on the love of art, film & fashion.

Theirs is the idea of a sustainable lifestyle close to nature where creativity can blossom next to the peonies in the garden.

The company consists of award winning actress Yohanna Idha, producer/actor Andreas Vaehi & their daughter Elva Leonora.

They are located on the countryside south of Stockholm in an old stable which they have rebuild themselves.

They are currently also renovating another house, on the same grounds, which will serve as a studio/venue for events.

The idea was to create a space where film and art can be born. A place big enough to host small film crews, intimate weddings & to be a venue for theatre performances & fashion stories.



w w w . i d h a p r o d u c t i o n s . c o m